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Scenic Route - Chumphon Town to Wat Kaew Prasert

The Department of Rural Roads has classified certain roads as 'Scenic Routes'. The one in Chumphon runs along the coast from the Surat Thani boarder up to the Prachuap Khiri Khan boarder. This coastal route is only close to the beach in a few places, so not many views of the sea. However there are many attractions to visit on route. The road is well maintained and suitable even for cyclists. There are these signs marking the route so if you fail to see them for any time you know you have made a wrong turn. Recently the Government has proposed The Riviera Thailand Project which includes part of the Chumphon Scenic Route, that running north of Chumphon town. The following are suggested attractions along this route north of Chumphon, which can also be easily tried in reverse order if traveling south from say Bangkok. All along the way there are beaches, some better than others. Those mentioned here are considered the better ones, but sometimes that's down to personal choice. N

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